Dunasead Castle

Baltimore , Co. Cork

Dunasead Castle
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About Dunasead Castle

Dunasead Castle in Baltimore, Co. Cork.

This is a fortified house built in the 1620s by the O'Driscolls on the site of number of previous buildings.

In 1215, an Anglo-Norman settler, Fitzstephens, built a tower house which itself replaced a much older fortification, possibly a ringfort. In 1305, the castle was attacked and burned down by the MacCarthys. The O'Driscolls took possession of Dunasead and rebuilt it. During the next few centuries the castle was destroyed many times either by Anglo-Norman settlers or rival Gaelic clans.

In 1537 it was destroyed by a fleet from merchants in Waterford following a long standing feud that began in the 1360s. The castle was rebuilt again only to be surrended to the English following the defeat of Hugh O'Neill at the Battle of Kinsale whom the O'Driscolls had supported. Eventually, in 1645, the castle was surrendered to Cromwellian forces and after that it fell into ruin.

The castle is now in private ownership and has been fully restored.

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