Dental Surgery Cork

Harrington Square , Dillon's Cross , Cork , Co. Cork

Dental Surgery Cork
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About Dental Surgery Cork

Dental Surgery Cork is located at Harrington Square, Dillon's Cross in Cork, Co. Cork.

Dentist, Dental Surgery, Dental Practice, Dentists Surgery, Dental Clinic

Dental Surgery Cork has the following practising dentists:
Dr Carol Deeney
Dr Derek Mulcahy

Dental Surgery Cork is a HSE dental practice that provides services for children under 16 and adults with special needs provided that the HSE dental clinic is the most appropriate location. Otherwise adults are seen by private practices that are contracted to the HSE.

Dental Surgery Cork also participates in the Dental Services Scheme provided by the Health Services Executive (HSE). Medical card holders and other qualifying individuals may be eligible for some free dental treatment. Check with your local health office.

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