Coolwood Wildlife Park

Coolcaslagh , Killarney , Co. Kerry

t: +353 64 6636288

Coolwood Wildlife Park
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About Coolwood Wildlife Park

Coolwood Wildlife Park is located at Coolcaslagh in Killarney, Co. Kerry.

Coolwood Wildlife Park and Sanctuary

Coolwood is a 50 acre complex, with a 10 acres Wildlife Park and 40 acres of Wildlife Sanctuary. With an easily supervised Childrens Playground and a delightful Coffee Shop. The Park is ideally appointed for School Tours, family outings and corporate day trips.

The Wildlife Sanctuary: This area is heavily wooded and is a stronghold of the red squirrel, sparrow hawks, dippers and the more common native wildlife species.

It is an ideal place to take the family for a visit with a childrens playground and wonderful picnic areas with some spectacular views.

The Wildlife Park: The park inhabitants are many and varied, many being a long way from home but all enjoying the pleasant surroundings in this thoughtfully managed facility. Here you can meet many animal favourites including monkeys, lemurs, meerkats, raccoons, prairie dogs, agouties, artic foxes, maras, llama, alpacas, mountjac deer, pygmy goats.

Also available:
  • Large bird of prey collection.
  • Pets corner, reptiles, fancy fowl, pigeons.
  • Wonderful rabbittery with many loveable pet inmates.
  • Waterfowl collection of carolina and mandarin duck, black swans and geese etc.

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