Glengarriff , Co. Cork

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About Pooleen

Pooleen in Glengarriff, Co. Cork.


OS Maps:OSI Discovery Series Sheet 85

Features: Walking Trails, Pincic Sites

Activities: Walking and Hiking

Part of the Glengariff Nature Reserve and Special Area of Conservation, this is a 80 hectare woodland located in a deep valley with a mild oceanic climate making it a perfect place for vegatation and wildlife.

Conifers that were planted during the 1950s are now being replaced by oak, birch and alder. Sessile oak is indigenous to the area and now re-establishing itself through natural regeneration. From the car park/picnic area there is an easy 2km loop walk along the banks of the Glengarriff River and the public road, which should take no more than 45 minutes to complete. Within the Glengarriff Nature Reserve, cared for by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, there are over 8km of forest trails that can be explored.

Car Park: 12 spaces, lay-by.

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