Kiltenanlea Graveyard

Doonass Demesne , Co. Clare

Kiltenanlea Graveyard
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About Kiltenanlea Graveyard

Kiltenanlea Graveyard in Doonass Demesne, Co. Clare.

Graveyard, Cemetery

Carved head found in graveyard, now in Limerick Museum. (OSL Vol. II. 1839, 365; Spellissy 1987, 50; Frost 1893, 179; Westropp 1916, 29; O?Rahilly, C. Field Report).

Graveyard with upright and recumbent grave markers of various dates. Still in use.

For further detail see: 'Kiltenanlea Parish Church and its community Clonlara, Co.Clare, 1782-1992' by Freddie Bourke. Published in 1992, Clonlara Development Association ((Clonlara))

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