4. Motte & Bailey Fort

Clones , Co. Monaghan

4. Motte & Bailey Fort
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About 4. Motte & Bailey Fort

4. Motte & Bailey Fort in Clones, Co. Monaghan.

Motte & Bailey Fort
This Norman fort was built on top of a pre-Christian ring fort which is the earliest man made structure in the town and was the residence of local chieftains.

In 1212 the Normans built the Motte & Bailey fort here with the intention of establishing a garrison both here in Clones and at the far end of the Erne at Belleek in order to curtail the activities of the Ulster clans.

The fort was a series of ditches but the largely wooden structure was attacked by the Irish chieftains after only one year and burned down.

The Methodist preacher, John Wesley, preached from here on three occasions- once in 1775, when he addressed his largest audience in Ireland and again in 1778 and 1779.

Follow to end of laneway for see Motte and Bailey Fort

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